About Allpro Audio

Allpro Audio’s story began in 1985 when the original owner, David Arbon, founded ‘All Production Enterprises’. Starting from his home, David built lasting relationships within the Festival and Arts community and shared his expertise by lecturing at the Adelaide Centre for Performing Arts.

In 1997, David took a significant step by purchasing a warehouse at 37 Wright Street and officially registering Allpro Audio. The company expanded its inventory with more audio equipment and vehicles, and a showroom was established to sell domestic Hi-Fi brands like Tannoy, Bryston, Denon, and Sennheiser.

In September 2006, David passed the torch to Tim Freedman, who had been with Allpro Audio since 2000. Tim’s deep involvement with clients ensured a seamless transition. With a rich history of touring with various Rock and Cabaret artists, Tim brings a passion for excellence and quality to Allpro Audio. His dedication as an audio technician, rather than a typical business owner, ensures that both events and clients are always the top priority.